Fake Rolex

As I reported you several times previously, the fakers are getting better and all of us have to be cautious in what we purchase for our collection. Since some while now we, the inner circle of hardcore vintage Rolex dealers & collectors, have noticed that fake Submariner dials are being sold as genuine. These new generation fakes became very good in quality and one should be a professional to see the difference, specially when you are looking at a picture only. The text is almost 100% copied because of using contemporary methods a dial layout is blown up 100x the size and after that corrections are made to detail.

Above I pointed out in below image With a red dot some tiny imperfections of all the cliche all the fakers made, The print is usually a little to thick and in detail its very near the original, but not ideal, not Rolex, not vintage, not original. Once you manage these dials, you will observe that the glossy print acts differently in sunlight. Left is first Rolex there where on all the right is your fake one. Much like fake dials, and as with each conclusion of a fake rolex normally, you start to focus on all the coronet or crown thats been published on the dial.

Each reference and even inside each distinct version of each reference we see various crowns been printed on the dial. There hides the real secret, under I made a cart of many distinct original coronets the many dial manufacturers printed for Rolex. What do you need to know, all the 10 golden rules to ascertain a vintage Rolex! – Purchase yourself a geiger counter. Examine pictures on large screen and zoom in. Compare always with known originals, like you find in Goldbergers 100 superlative Rolex book \/ App. If non of all the above helps you, post a photo of all the Vintage Rolex Forum or send it to me by email.

-> Do yourself a favor when you take vintage Rolex serious and read my Buyers Guide I recently posted! – Before I show you the fake counterfeited ones, heres an all original rare 3-6-9 Submariner dial. Now study all the below pictures cautiously, concentrate on all the coronet and on all the print because each and each one is FAKE! NOT Rolex! Most obviously all the R from Rolex is with every version different. You see under that the scammers are becoming close, but not close enough to fool us! – Go to VRF for the entire public service announcement: top quality Fake 3-6-9 and gilt dials. This under one, with the damages under 6 in which all the swiss is printed, I came across Instagram lately, the guy thinks it true ;-( What we would like is that those which are involved with this fraud, stop offering these fake dials.


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