Fake Rolex Green Water Ghost Made In China So Fine! Secret Production Factory Production Insider

Speaking of Rolex classics, we can all think of Lin Lin. In fact, for me personally, I think Rolex’s most classic works are logs. Although we are the protagonist of today’s fake rolex. The water ghost was born in 1953 classic style does not need to say much, the Rolex most fire series probably is non-e other than him.
And the hottest series in the Water Ghost series must be the Green Water Ghost. This watch is now red and purple, and it is not seen at the counters. Now it’s almost impossible to buy such a watch. Do not say that businesses are also emerging in order to profit marketing, in some places to buy a Tudor watches can be given priority to order a green water ghost qualifications, attention is “order qualification” ~. The number of watches produced by Rolex is as high as one million a year. But why did the Hydra ghosts be so out of stock?
I still remember that last year was the summer of 2017 and I did not know where the news came from that the Green Water ghost had to stop production! So people began to rush to buy green and watery ghosts. The most direct result was that they were already out of stock. The Green Water Ghost is even more out of stock, and prices have risen directly. I remember that once the 450,000 watch, now the public price has 70,000, and if you want to buy it is not to increase the price of 20,000 is to take the purchase … … This, Xiaobian said it is very helpless!
Green Water Ghost is a Rolex watch introduced in 2010, the official model “116610LV” green plate. This is a fake rolex, Green is Rolex’s brand color, Rolex’s success lies in the ability to use this color on the watch and it is so popular, do not know if you have not found the “green watch” is only Rolex’s most popular, The heat generated by other brands is significantly lower.
In fact, it seems to me that green is not green and it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that it is a “Rolex”. The famous Rolex! Who in the United States knows no one knows? In my impression, it seems that Rolex watches are not affected. Welcome, no matter which series as long as you wear a Rolex watch, then others must be a high look at you.
Xiao Bian heard that many people said that they did not feel the green water ghosts look good, they prefer the low-key black water ghosts, in fact, Xiaobian is also the same more like black water ghosts. It is absolutely necessary for the artificial speculation of green water and ghost fire. Perhaps Green Shui Gui has kept rising prices but has not curbed the desire of people to buy. It is like buying stocks and buying up or not buying or falling. Out of stock prices.
Of course, if you think that the Green Water Ghost is purely fired up, then it is not right. After all, people’s names are still Rolex. Performance is by no means an ordinary diving watch can be compared. The Green Water Ghost has a water depth of 300 meters. The 300 meters here is not 300 atmospheres but a solid 300 meters waterproof.
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